Australian Cutting Boards Frequently Asked Questions. Contact us if you have other questions, not answered here.  

Question: How often should I oil my board?

Answer: You will know that your board is dried out when your food starts to stain your board.

ready for oil

The pictures above show the changes in appearance with some oil.

For the strawberry stains I did scour it with detergent before placing in the sun to dry.

The marks were still on it, but once the oil was applied, it soaked into the board making the strawberry juice disappear.

Question: Will the knife marks look horrible on the board?

Answer: A cutting board made from Camphor Laurel which is a semi-hardwood with a tight grain will reduce scoring of the board with your knifes. The tight grain also repels dirt and moisture. These boards are very durable.

Pictures below show my cutting board which I have been using constantly for one year.

To begin the process of restoring it back to its original condition, Stuart put 40 grit sandpaper on his orbital sander and proceeded to remove the layer of oil which had built up.

He followed that process with 120 grit sandpaper on the orbital sander to smooth it out.

Next, soak it on both sides with lots of Grapeseed Oil. The results are fantastic!