Australian Cutting Boards

Quality Australian made from recycled timber

Our Cutting Boards are made from 100% Australian Camphor Laurel. We are proudly Australian owned and run. Buy with Confidence!

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Australian Cutting Boards

Quality Kiln-dried Camphor Laurel Cutting Boards handcrafted from one piece of timber. Each board is a unique shape and colour.

australian owned and made 2

Beautiful Every Day – Perfect The Next

“The Perfect Souvenir”

Australian Cutting Boards has all the answers when it comes to the perfect souvenir to take to your native land, or send to an overseas friend, an overseas traveler and, of course, a Christmas or Birthday gift.

We are so proud to produce 100% Australian timber cutting boards with an Australian emblem laser engraved onto it, making it the ultimate Australian Souvenir.

All these Australiana laser engraved boards will make fantastic gifts for anyone overseas. An authentic Australian made gift that is functional and long lasting.

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