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Quality Australian made from recycled timber

Our Cutting Boards are made from 100% Australian Camphor Laurel. We are proudly Australian owned and run. Buy with Confidence!

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Australian Cutting Boards

Quality Kiln-dried Camphor Laurel Cutting Boards handcrafted from one piece of timber. Each board is a unique shape and colour.

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Small Wedding Laser Engraved Cutting Boards – Mr and Mrs

Original price was: $72.50.Current price is: $65.00.

Cutting Board Name: Small Wedding Laser Engraved Cutting Boards – Mr and Mrs

Board Type: 100% Australian Camphor Laurel Cutting Board with laser engraving for Bride and Groom.

Design: Various design options

Personalised Boards: Replace Mr. and Mrs. Smith, with the lovely couples’ names, and also add the date of the wedding, engagement, anniversary etc.

You can also add additional text for an extra fee. Contact us before you purchase with the details and we will give you a quote.

Small Board Size: 47 cm x 15 cm approx.


* Save on postage and pickup direct from our Kitchen Supply Store on the Sunshine Coast, by prior arrangement. Phone 0466 798 562. ** Orders MUST be placed, and paid for, over the phone to take up this offer.

About the Small Wedding Laser Engraved Cutting Boards

We pride ourselves on offering individual random shaped boards which are within the specified measurements but are unique shapes and colours. This is the case with our Small Wedding Laser Engraved Cutting Boards.

Unlike other boards on the market, our small Wedding Laser Engraved Cutting Boards  are made from one solid piece of timber. We do not use toxic glue.

Only kiln dried timber is used because the timber will not crack if it has been dried correctly.

We manufacture Camphor Laurel Cutting Boards on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Our boards have different grains and colours, making them unique. 

No two boards are the same.



Small Wedding Laser Engraved Cutting Boards

Mr and Mrs Design1

Mr and Mrs Design2

Mr and Mrs Design3

Mr and Mrs Design4

Mr and Mrs Design5


To be cost-effective, all the engravings on the wedding boards are templates, which come in one font size and style.

Depending on the shape of the board, the engravings are either on the front left or right side.  This is at our discretion.  Read Full Details Here.

To the right is an example of our other designs, showing our engraving quality.

Australian Cutting Boards laser engraving sample.



Personalised engraving can take a couple of days to complete if we have a backlog of orders. Please allow a little longer for your wedding board to be despatched from our warehouse.

We are based on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, so the delivery time will depend on where you are located.

Allow for these factors when you place your order with us.


Our boards are easy to maintain. Follow our care instructions below to get the most out of your new cutting board.

  • For everyday use, your chopping board can be washed in the sink with soapy water (detergent).
  • Your board MUST be stored upright on it’s edge. Let the board stand upright on the dish drainer, or standing upright against a wall or special drying rack. You can also hang it up by the hole, if it has one.
  • Leaving the board flat while wet, will cause problems with mould and cupping. 
  • Because the cutting board is one piece of timber, it needs to dry evenly on both sides.
  • If cupping (warping) does occur, One way to fix the issue is to lay the cupping side up with a very damp cloth on the board. This helps to add moisture to the timber and stretch the cupping side back out.
  • Oiling your board every couple of months, has many benefits.  Even though cleaning your board with detergent is essential, it does tend to dry out your board. Regularly oiling your cutting board is required to keep the timber supple.
  • Your board will also dry much quicker, either by hanging or safely sitting it in the draining rack. Also, a barrier of oil, will not let water penetrate and soak the whole board, meaning it will dry quicker.
  • Food will not stain or stick to your board. Garlic, onion,  turmeric, mushrooms etc will not stain or leave an odour in the boards.
  • The only oil that will not go rancid is Grapeseed oil. Therefore we highly recommend it to oil your chopping board.
  • This food grade oil, can be obtained from your local supermarket. It has no smell and no taste.

If you have any further questions about care instructions for your board, please contact us.

Please also read our return policy before purchasing your board. 

These unique wedding Cutting boards make a great gift for an upcoming wedding, for serving at the wedding reception, or even as an engagement gifts etc.

An ideal server to be used anytime to serve cheeses, dips, chips etc on the lasered side of the board and use the plain side for everyday chopping, a dual purpose cutting board.

Australian Cutting Boards proudly chooses Australian Post and Fastway Couriers to deliver our Cutting Boards. 

Dimensions 40 × 15 cm
Wedding Design

Mr and Mrs Design1, Mr and Mrs Design2, Mr and Mrs Design3, Mr and Mrs Design4, Mr and Mrs Design5

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