Wholesale Large Random Shaped Camphor Laurel Cutting Board with free laser engraving

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Wholesale Large Random Shaped Camphor Laurel Cutting Board

Large Size Cutting Board 

  • Approx. Size 49cm x 27-30cm
  • Random Shape
  • Wholesale Lots
  • Free laser engraving on purchases of 25 boards or more.

Wholesale bulk lots only – You will receive free laser engraving of your business logo when you purchase at minimum 25 cutting boards. Your logo must be sent to us in black and white jpeg format. Contact us with any questions.

FOR PRICING CALL: 0466 798 562 

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Wholesale Large Camphor Laurel Chopping/Cutting Board

Wholesale lots Ideal for restaurants, corporate and business events, and real estate agents.

(Postage on bulk and wholesale lots will vary depending on your location and the shipping options available. Contact us for a postage quote to your location) This Wholesale Large Random Shaped Camphor Laurel Cutting Board is made from our kiln dried camphor laurel timber, meaning it has many different grains and colours.

Made from one solid piece of timber, our platter boards have no glue and no laminating.

Being handmade, our servers accentuate the multitude of different beautiful grains and colours.

This random shaped hand made cutting board is individual in size, colour and shape.

Due to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties in the timber, this is a safe surface to serve all foods. In other words, the natural components of the timber help to keep your boards safe.

This board measures 49cm x 27-30cm approx.

It is an ideal addition to the kitchen of a family of 4 or more.

With its larger surface, preparation ingredients for curries, stir-fry or similar is easy, as it can accommodate all the chopping to be done with ease, all at once, no need to change boards for meats, fish and vegetables, prepare it all on one board. 

Free Laser Engraved Business Name, Logo or Message.

When you order 25 or more cutting boards, you can have your Business Name, Event, Logo or short message laser engraved free of charge. A great way to advertise your event or company.

Care instructions for this product.

Maintenance is easy on this board. For everyday use, wash in the sink with detergent.

Oiling your board every couple of months has many benefits, however detergent does dry out your board over time, therefore oiling it will keep the timber supple.

Your board will also dry much quicker either by hanging or it’s safe to sit in the draining rack. Water won’t penetrate the surface and soak the whole board as the oil forms a barrier.

Garlic, onion,  Tumeric, mushrooms, etc will not stain or leave an odour in the boards, in other words, they are easy to maintain.

GRAPESEED OIL is the one that is recommended as it is the only oil that will not go rancid.

Having no smell or taste, this food-grade oil can be obtained from your local supermarket.

Note – this Wholesale Large Random Shaped Camphor Laurel Cutting Board is handcrafted therefore it is covered by our handmade guarantee.  For more information, please see our “Australian Handmade Quality Guarantee”.


Wholesale Buy – 25 Boards at $42.50 each ($1062.50), Wholesale Buy – 50 Boards at $39.50 each ($1975), Wholesale Buy – 100 Boards at $36.50 each ($3650)