Small Cheese Platter Serving Board with Handmade Bowl & Laser Engraving


Board Name: Small Cheese Platter Serving Board with a Handmade Bowl. Choose from a plain Small Cheese Platter Serving Board with Handmade Bowl or choose one of the laser engraved options with sayings or images.

Board Size: 45 cm x 15 cm approx. and is a random shape. Each board is unique.

About the Board: 100% Australian Camphor Laurel Cutting Board with rounded edges, and a recess for holding the handmade dipping bowl. The board comes with a randomly chosen coloured bowl, but if you have a preference, please let us know.

About the Laser Engraving: Choose from a plain board with a bowl, or one of our many laser engraved design options.

Ideal Use: An ideal board for serving cheese, dips, antipasto, crackers and more, or for those small chopping tasks.

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Small Cheese Platter Serving Board with Handmade Bowl

Handmade bowl selectionThis Small Cheese Platter Serving Board with Handmade Bowl is made from our kiln dried camphor laurel timber.

Camphor Laurel is a beautiful timber to work with as it has many different grains and colours.

All our boards are made from one solid piece of timber, no glue and no laminating.

This particular small board is an ideal board for parties and get-togethers to serve deli meat, cheese, crackers, dips and more, also a handy board for the smaller chopping tasks in the kitchen.

Australian Camphor Laurel Boards are the safest surfaces for the preparation of food, due to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties in the timber.

The corners are rounded for ease of use, and safety.

Additional Engraving?

If you would like to further personalise your board with your own message, please contact us for more details and pricing.

Care instructions for this product.

For everyday use, wash the board in the sink with detergent.

Oiling your board every couple of months has many benefits because detergent dries out your board. Oiling the board will keep the timber supple and the barrier of oil will not let water penetrate and soak the whole board.

By sitting your board in the drying rack, or hanging it, it will allow the board to dry much quicker.

Food will not stain or stick to your board. Garlic, onion, Tumeric, mushrooms, etc will not stain or leave an odour in the boards.

Grapeseed oil is the oil that is recommended to use to oil your board because it is the only oil that will not go rancid.

This food-grade oil can be obtained from your local supermarket and it has no smell and no taste.

Care instructions are included with this product.

Measurements approx 45cm x 13-15cm random selection

Note – this cutting board is handcrafted. The above measurements are approximate only. For more information, please see our “Australian Handmade Quality Guarantee”.


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