Guitar Shaped Cheese Platter Cutting Board with handle for ease of use


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Guitar Shaped Cheese Platter

This guitar shaped cheese platter is made from our kiln dried camphor laurel timber. This timber has many different grains and colours.

All our platter boards are made from one solid piece of timber, no glue and no laminating.

All our servers are  hand made by our craftsman, to accentuate the multitude of different beautiful grains and colours.

This unique shaped board can be used as a server at the dining table for sharing food, ie nachos, pizzas, carvery etc.

Serve cheeses, dips, antipasto, cured meats, nibbles, sundried tomatoes, olives etc.

Due to its anti-fungal and anti-bacteria properties in the timber, this is a safe surface to serve all foods.

This is a perfect gift for the musician in your life. We are able to laser engrave music onto this board if required.


Care instructions for this product.

This board is easy to maintain. For everyday use, wash in the sink with detergent.

Oiling your board every couple of months, has many benefits – as the detergent does dry out your board, the oil will keep the timber supple.

Your board will also dry much quicker either by hanging or safe to sit in the draining rack. As a barrier of oil, will not let water penetrate and soak the whole board.

Food will not stain or stick to your board. Garlic,onion,  tumeric, mushrooms etc will not stain or leave an odour in the boards.

The oil that is recommended is GRAPESEED oil, as it is the only oil which will not go rancid.

This food grade oil, can be obtained from your local supermarket. It has no smell and no taste


Note – this cutting board is hand crafted.  For more information, please see our “Australian Handmade Quality Guarantee”.