Australian Cutting Boards

Quality Australian made from recycled timber

Our Cutting Boards are made from 100% Australian Camphor Laurel. We are proudly Australian owned and run. Buy with Confidence!

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Australian Cutting Boards

Quality Kiln-dried Camphor Laurel Cutting Boards handcrafted from one piece of timber. Each board is a unique shape and colour.

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Beautiful Every Day – Perfect The Next

Our New Small Cheese Platter Serving Board with Handmade Bowl has arrived.


Australian Cutting is proud to offer our great new product which has been added to our cheese board range. – The Cheese Platter Serving Board with Handmade Bowl with laser engraving option.

By adding our hand made bowls it’s made it a more versatile cheeseboard for all your dips and condiments. Personally, I love having rice biscuits with my cheese and dips.

I find that it adds that extra touch to my BBQ and parties or when family and friends call around for a quick snack.

Camphor Laurel has Anti Bacterial and anti-fungal properties, in other words, it makes it an ideal timber for a serving or cutting board.

Small Cheese Platter Serving Board with Handmade Bowl

New cheese boards to the market. This great new product comes with its own lovely hand made bowl created by a local potter.

Peter Woods Pottery

Peter creates beautiful hand made bowls that are actually Stoneware.

He is a local potter that has been teaching and creating beautiful pieces of pottery art on the Sunshine Coast for decades.  Peter can be contacted on his Facebook page.

These Hand Crafted Bowls Are A Small Sample of Peters Work For Us

We offer these bowls which are included with some of our cheese boards. They are microwave safe and also dishwasher safe.

The bowls are 100 millimeters in diameter and approximately 50 millimeters in height. They come inclusive with our offering of the Small Cheese Platter Serving Board with Handmade Bowl. This product also comes with free delivery Australia Wide.

Laser Designs

We offer a range of Laser engravings which can be added to most of our range of Cheese Boards Servers and Cutting Boards available in our Shop.

We can also personalise your Camphor Laurel Boards

I like to give your cutting Boards that individual personal touch, so if you would like a quote please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Corporate Gifts

We offer special Wholesale boards which include your company logo. Great as a Thank You gift or a reward for your employees. We have supplied many restaurants, Real Estate business’s making it the gift that keeps on giving.

Our Laser Engraving is a computer process of burning the design into the timber for a long-lasting effect.

The way we protect all of our boards is by sealing off the board with food-grade oil.

We use Azalea Grape Seed Oil in our process of preserving the surface of all our Cutting Boards. Most Supermarkets sell grape seed oil. It has become industry standard here in Australia to use Grape Seed oil as it tends to become stable on the board by hardening up. This is fantastic as it helps stops the food penetrating into the board, Which is hygienically better and makes it far easier to clean the board.

A good practice is to regularly Grape Seed your Board every few months. In between, if the board starts to look dry it is because some of the oil has worn off the surface, therefore it needs more oil.

In the near future, I will be releasing a video regarding the best practice for maintaining your boards.


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