Australian Cutting Boards

Quality Australian made from recycled timber

Our Cutting Boards are made from 100% Australian Camphor Laurel. We are proudly Australian owned and run. Buy with Confidence!

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Australian Cutting Boards

Quality Kiln-dried Camphor Laurel Cutting Boards handcrafted from one piece of timber. Each board is a unique shape and colour.

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Beautiful Every Day – Perfect The Next

Laser Engraved Personalised Boards

Australian Cutting Boards take great pride in our Laser Engraved Personalised Wooden Chopping Boards. Our craftsman laser engrave many designs onto our quality camphor laurel cutting boards.

Steps in making our boards

Firstly, the camphor laurel timber slabs are delivered to our factory on the Sunshine Coast. The trees were locally harvested on the east coast of Australia, making them 100% Australian made. Moisture in timber can make the timber split, so in our process, to prevent splitting, we kiln dry our timber.

In the next step, to bring out the best in the natural timber grain, each board is carefully shaped. The corners are rounded for visual appeal and safety.

Next, the chosen design is laser engraved onto the board.

Lastly, to protect the board, and bring out the beautiful colours, the boards are sealed with food-grade oil.

About the Designs.

Here at Australian Cutting Boards, we have many laser designs from native animals, to heartwarming messages of love, to wedding designs.

Best of all, our Laser Engraved Personalised Wooden Chopping Boards can be made to suit you and your specific event or function.

Laser Engraved Personalised Wooden Chopping BoardsFor example are you going to a wedding, or engagement party? No problem! You can choose one of our wedding chopping boards and add your own personal touch by including the couple’s names, date of engagement, or wedding, and you can even add a couple of lines of meaningful text.

Do you want to give a personalised house warming gift? No problem, because you can choose any of our laser engraved cutting boards and we can add a personal message from you.

Are you a real estate agent? Our personalized laser engraved chopping boards are perfect as a “Congrats and welcome to your new home” new property purchase gift. Also great for restaurants and cafes, as you can add your business logo to your serving boards.

There are lots of other ideas for our Laser Engraved Personalised Wooden Chopping Boards. For instance, they are great for milestone birthdays, wedding favors, corporate events, and anniversaries. Why not treat yourself to a new appealing yet functional cutting board because you deserve it.

Contact us to discuss your laser engraving design ideas.

If you are a business looking for personalised merchandise, give us a call because we can also do our laser engraved cutting boards in wholesale lots.

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